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Puppy Gets Caught In Flood Waters With No Way To Safety. Watch How One Man Risks All To Try To Help

September 25, 2017

The news is full of stories lately about the hurricanes in the Southeast and the devastating damage that lies in their wake. Thank goodness the tragedy is often balanced out by uplifting tales of the unbelievable rescues that have occurred. Over and over we hear about one hero or another who steps forward, with little thought to his own safety, to assist someone who is in the path of imminent peril.


These fearless angels value life in all forms, as is evidenced by the countless animal rescue tales that have taken the internet by storm! These heroic actions are nothing new. As long as there have been natural disasters, there have been selfless guardians who refuse to cower in the face of danger. We’ve reached back into the annals of time to bring you an uplifting tale of people at their best, in the hopes that you will never give up faith in your fellow man... that the goodness of the human heart is timeless.

Our story takes place in rural St. Louis, in 1993. Spring floods have hit with a vengeance and the Mississippi River has overflowed its banks. Levy after levy has ruptured, sending raging waters onto the peaceful farms that lie in the river valley, inundating everything in its path.

A news crew flying overhead is tasked with reporting on the most recent breach. As they survey the scene and film the damage, they catch a glimpse of something completely unexpected that causes them to abandon their current assignment for a new, more urgent, one. By pure luck, one reporter spots a helpless creature, caught in the unrelenting torrents of The Big Muddy.

He zooms in the camera to find a precious puppy there in the midst of the flood, struggling with all his might to keep his head above water. Watching the pup’s futile efforts, it becomes clear that there isn’t much hope that the little guy will make it to safety on his own. That’s when the men decide to act. 

They land the helicopter on the only speck of dry land they can find. One man jumps out of the helicopter and immediately begins to wade in the direction of the stranded pup. He soon discovers that the current is too strong and that his life would be in danger if he were to continue by this route, so he is forced to turn back.

Committed to the task, though, he scans his surroundings and racks his brain to come up with another possible path to the pup. As the disoriented doggie continues to flounder and float downstream, the men come up with an ingenious way to complete their mission. Watch the video, below, to see the gripping story in its entirety. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time!

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