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Puppy In Critical Condition Thought His Life Was Over! Then His RESCUERS Came To Answer His Prayers! [Video].

April 06, 2017

When a rescue team in India received a call about a critically injured puppy, they dropped everything and set out to find him. 

The team went to the last known location of the puppy; an ancient temple. 

The team began searching high and low for the injured puppy. 

After searching for a time they finally found the poor pup. 

He had gone into the depths of the temple in order to find shelter from the elements. 

When they found the puppy he had his head bowed as if in prayer; the puppy, who they named Punkin, was bleeding profusely and showed little response. 

The rescuers took Punkin to a shelter and treated his wounds; Punkin was severely dehydrated because of is injuries. 

The team had to keep him on IV fluids for days in order to stabilize him; for four weeks they redressed his wounds and day by day Punkin grew stronger! 

Now Punkin is happy and healthy! He is all smiles as he runs and plays with his rescuers and new friends at his shelter home!

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