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Dachshund Puppy Throws Tantrum. When You Discover Why You’ll Be Left In Stitches!

September 20, 2017

In my opinion, puppies are the most darling creatures to walk the face of this earth. They’re full of energy, joy, love, and are ever-so-cute all the time! (except while potty training. Haha!) Besides being adorable 24/7, they’re very predictable and their needs are simple: food, warmth, love, and a lot of attention. If their needs aren’t being met, you can be sure they’ll flash you their sweet puppy dog eyes, to convey just exactly how they’re feeling.

This three-month-old Dachshund named Napoleon is a perfect example of just how adorable a puppy can be when he tries to communicate what he wants. On a road trip, his mommy is driving and the little puppy is riding shotgun. Being only a foot or so away from each other, you would assume this little fur ball would be content for the remainder of the journey. Oh no, Napoleon is not happy being that far away from his mom. He definitely wants to be closer and is longing for her undivided attention.

He immediately begins to cry and even starts to brace himself for the long jump over to his mommy’s lap; the best place to be, in his opinion. With his sweet little tantrum, head roll, and spitfire personality, you’re bound to fall in love with this cute puppy and all his neediness. It’s a face you could never get mad at and, I promise, you’ll fall head-over-heels for this little bundle of joy!

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