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Queen Elizabeth Was Forced To Bless The Marriage Of Prince Charles And Camilla. The Secret History Is Tragic And Shocking

March 29, 2018

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is known for many roles; she’s the longest reigning monarch in the history of the world, she’s the Head of The Church of England, and she is an international symbol of peace.

As a woman who wears so many hats, it’s essential that she doesn’t let emotion drive her decisions. But at the end of the day, she’s a mother and wife who has very real feelings and opinions towards her family.

When the Queen’s son, Prince Charles, admitted to having an affair with his now wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, during his wedding to Princess Diana, the Queen experienced a whirlwind of emotions. Not only was her own family going through relational turmoil, but as a monarch, the Queen’s second in line to the throne, Prince Charles, was being made a fool in the public eye.

While the Queen was typically without any formal opinion, this specific instance proved to be too much for her to remain silent on. In a recent best-selling book, Rebel Prince, the Queen is recorded to have referred to Camilla as "that wicked woman." Yikes, that's pretty harsh!

According to an interview with Vanity Fair, Sir Michael Peat (Former Head of Prince Charles’ Security), shared that Her Majesty and Prince Charles had several conversations regarding the “way things played out” with Camilla. At first, the Queen was vastly disappointed with her son and pleaded with Peat to convince Charles to get rid of her.

Peat knew that Prince Charles was open to suggestions for making amends, but on one condition: Camilla stayed. That created a difficult situation, to say the very least.

Peat and The Queen had several conversations, all of which involved Camilla’s staying. The Queen’s biggest concern was dignity; she refused to compromise the dignity of her family. And Prince Charles refused to lose Camilla. That’s when Peat suggested something truly shocking: a marriage.

The Queen and Prince Charles both came to an agreement that a wedding would be necessary if things were going to progress. When the public learned of this, they were beside themselves with anger and fury (They adored Princess Diana and were bitter towards Charles and Camilla). Her Majesty knew that the highest road needed to be taken so she overlooked the emotional frustration that she (and the people) so deeply felt.

Prince Charles married Camilla on April 9th, 2005. While the wedding was not the majority's first choice, The Queen blessed it knowing that her family’s name would be made right since the most honorable decision was being made.

Today, Queen Elizabeth seems to have a cordial relationship with Camilla. Insiders share that Her Majesty has forgiven her son and his bride and keeps her focus on things that matter most: her family and doing the right thing- whatever that may be. 


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