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Queen Elizabeth Allowed Meghan Markle To Do Something No Other Royal Has Done Before, And The Liberty Given To Megan Is Astonishing Everyone- Even Kate

June 06, 2018

When Meghan Markle stepped onto the Royal scene, the world wondered how the British Royal Family would respond to the addition of an American actress. And even though millions cringed at the thought of an unlikely rejection from the famous family, Meghan quickly eased everyone’s minds by being her cheerful and confident self.

First, Meghan won over Prince Harry. Those who have followed the love story know that the spark between Harry and Meghan happened almost instantly. After only the first date, Harry had wondered if he had found “the girl.” The two immediately scheduled additional dates where they quickly fell more in love with one another.

After a private vacation in Africa, Harry wanted Meghan to meet the rest of the family. She met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, and of course Harry’s grandparents: Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth. The family fell for Meghan just as quickly as Harry did, but there is one person in particular that really took a liking to Meghan: the Queen!

Meghan and Queen Elizabeth got along like life-long friends! The Queen’s corgis took a liking to her immediately, which confirmed Queen Elizabeth’s trust for Meghan. The Queen gave Harry and Meghan her blessing, in which case they started planning the wedding right away!

When May 19th finally rolled around, the world was dying to know which tiara the Queen had picked out for Meghan. For many royal weddings, including William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, Queen Elizabeth picked out the tiara for the bride. Knowing that the Queen and Meghan had become so close, it was fun for fans to imagine the tiara Her Majesty would choose for the American bride.

That’s why the world flipped when they learned the story of Meghan’s wedding tiara! The American bride wore Queen Mary’s Filigree tiara. The tiara looked radiant atop Meghan’s head, and it’s glimmer complimented her 16-foot-long veil. But the story behind the tiara got even more thrilling when fans learned that the Queen didn’t pick out the prized tiara for the bride!

While the Queen has been known to pick out the tiara for the bride, she let Meghan be the one to choose her dream tiara! Meghan had the opportunity to choose from the Queen’s private royal collection! Sounds like she’s really getting the royal treatment!

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