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Upon Hearing Harry And Meghan’s Plans For Baby Sussex, Queen Elizabeth Forcefully Puts Her Foot Down Once And For All

April 09, 2019

It seems as though poor Meghan Markle can’t keep from ruffling all kinds of feathers these days.


She’s seemed to have wanted to fully submerge herself in her new role, culture, and lifestyle long before she and Harry officially tied the knot. She’s been diligent on keeping with her royal tasks, duties, and events, but has somehow seemed to fall short in various areas.


No matter how hard she tries, it seems as though she’s found a way to always be the cause of some “drama” with another family member or she’s breaking yet another protocol (whether it’s intentional or not we’ll never really know).

Now, she’s involved in another controversy. This time, it’s involving her unborn child.


Meghan has made it very clear that she knows what she wants and is willing to fight to do things her own way. When it comes to how she and Harry will be raising their child, it is no different.

Unfortunately for her, she’s in a family where certain ways of living are expected to be met, respected, and certainly not questioned. Meghan isn’t too keen on that, though.


It’s become common knowledge that Harry and Meghan eat a predominately plant-based diet. When it comes to raising their child, they’re intending to raise him or her to eat a vegan diet. When the Queen heard this, she simply “wasn’t having it.”

Direct sources state: “Bringing the baby up as a vegan simply won’t be tolerated by the monarch.” Believe it or not, she does get a say in things such as this.


Sources elaborate: “When it comes to influence over the baby’s upbringing, the Queen does carry a lot of weight...Queen Elizabeth will reportedly receive a call informing her that the baby has arrived and what its gender is.”


Believe it or not, there’s more to it. Once Queen Elizabeth hears the decided name, if she does not like it, Meghan and Harry will be required to change it until they reach an agreement with her.


Only time will tell just how well Meghan will try and adhere to Her Majesty’s rules when it comes to rearing her little one. Hopefully, it will be without drama!

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