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Queen Elizabeth Silences Crowds At Buckingham Palace By Breaking Her Own Strict Protocol - One Fan Captured The Insanely Monumental Moment

May 31, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely fascinated by Queen Elizabeth. Not only is she one of the most powerful women in the world, but her grace, poise, and commanding presence are unmatched by any.


The 93-year-old monarch may, by worldly standards, be long past the age of retirement but to her, she’s still business as usual. Her work ethic and drive to continue reigning and shepherding her people are undeniably admirable.

It seems with each passing year her workload continues to increase, giving her all the more reasons to delegate some of her duties to her faithful and hard-working family members. She always has time for her garden parties and palace events, though. That certainly makes her fans thrilled beyond belief, too, since that means we’ll get to see her once again all dolled up in bright colors and a fancy hat!


Recently, the Queen held a garden party at Buckingham Palace. The day was absolutely perfect for such an event and she looked equally as radiant. She opted to wear a popping pink ensemble with a matching hat that was elegantly accented by a bouquet of pastel berries.

This event was on a rather large scale, where more than 8,000 members of the public gathered to celebrate their collective contributions to society. One particular attendee to the party named Laura-Ann got far more than she ever bargained for and has made worldwide news because of it.


She documented the entire scene on her Instagram account. It is well known that shortly after the Queen makes her grand entrance into a garden party, she takes time to walk down a procession line of her guests. This line is not a meet-and-greet scenario, but more of a traditional formality.


Laura-Ann brought with her a bouquet of stunning flowers to give to the Queen that day but was told by security not to get her hopes up because the Queen wouldn’t stop simply to receive flowers from an unknown attendee. Little did they know just how wrong they’d be that day.


As the Queen approached, Laura-Ann mustered up her courage and offered the bouquet to the monarch. “Your Majesty, I’ve got some flowers for you,” she started. Upon seeing her, the Queen instantly stopped and walked over, accepting the bouquet. “Those look very nice, thank you,” the Queen said thankfully.


Laura added, “You look beautiful in pink today. Have a lovely tea.” The Queen responded yet again by saying, “Thank you very much.” She then handed her gifted bouquet to her lady-in-waiting.

Everyone around was floored by the fact that the Queen broke her own protocol! This is something very out of character for her and many could not believe the whole situation took place.


Following the thrilling encounter, the Queen’s lady-in-waiting approached Laura-Ann to explain why the Queen handed over the bouquet of flowers instead of holding them. “It’s easier for me to carry them, and then the Queen can have them when we get indoors.”


Little did the Queen know just how much she’d be making one happy fan’s day simply by accepting her sweet token of appreciation. We love to see this side of the Queen so much!

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