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Queen Elizabeth Brutally Harsh Response To Her Son’s Affair With Camilla Will Leave You Entirely Speechless

April 11, 2018

As a woman who is so much to so many, Queen Elizabeth had to make several difficult decisions without the influence of her emotions. Her duties are by no means “easy,” but Queen Elizabeth has managed to nearly perfect the act of holding her tongue. However, there will always one situation in which Her Majesty’s emotions nearly got the best of her.  

When the Queen’s son, Prince Charles, finally came clean about his longtime secretive affair now wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, the Queen dealt with several uneasy emotions.

The news of the affair caused international turmoil. Not only were her son and his wife, Princess Diana, going through relational hell, but the Royal Family’s name was being tainted with scandal. The Queen couldn’t simply sit back and let it happen without sharing her true feelings.

In a recent and utterly popular best-selling book about Prince Charles, Rebel Prince, the Queen was noted to have made some highly insensitive comments towards Camilla. She was even recorded to have referred to Camilla as "that wicked woman."

According to an interview with Vanity Fair, Sir Michael Peat (Former Head of Prince Charles’ Security), shared that the Queen and her son had several heated and honest conversations about his relationships with his wife, Princess Di, and his secret mistress, Camilla.

While Prince Charles agreed to divorce Princess Diana, he refused to let go of Camilla. The Queen knew that her son wouldn’t allow Camilla to be removed from his life, so she and Sir Michael Peat brainstormed ways to prevent the worst from happening.

The Queen and Peat devised a plan which while not ideal, was the least dramatic and most ethical. The Queen’s biggest concern was dignity; she refused to compromise the dignity of her family. The plan was no one’s first choice, but it had to be done...

Prince Charles and Camilla would marry.

Queen Elizabeth wasn’t the only one who was unhappy with the marriage, the public was sickened at the thought of Prince Charles marrying Camilla, too. However, the Queen knew that in order to live honorably and with dignity, it had to be done.

Prince Charles married Camilla on April 9th, 2005.

The Queen has worked hard to make amends with both her son and his wife. On the wedding day, she appeared to be happy. Although, in knowing this backstory, one can’t help but wonder what was behind her smile… Either way, we wish the Queen and Prince Charles and Camilla all the best!


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