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Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Two Birthdays Every Year, And The Reason Is Quite Brilliant

February 23, 2018

As we all know, the beautiful Queen Elizabeth is approaching her 92nd birthday in a few short months. Did you know that she not only celebrates April 21st but also on a Saturday in June? The reason might come as a surprise, and, no, it’s not just because she likes to party.

The first birthday celebration is on her actual day of birth. The second birthday is held during a time of year when the weather is a little more appealing. In June, you’ll likely get warmer, sunnier days, which make a perfect setting for celebrating Her Majesty.

This is a tradition that started back in the 1700s when King George II was the ruler. His birthday fell on a day in November and the weather rarely permitted for a public celebration. It was then decided to have a celebration in a warmer month as well so that everyone would be comfortable outdoors.

They chose a Saturday because they knew more townspeople would be available to join in on the exciting celebrations, wishing to leave no one out. This habit was so well accepted that it continues on to this very day!

The Queen opts to celebrate her actual birthday in a more private and personal manner and saves the grand celebration for June. I don’t know about you, but I really like the sound of this double birthday celebration stuff!


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