Queen Elizabeth Dishes Unexpected ‘Dirt’ On George And Charlotte’s Sibling Dynamics - And It’s NOT What You Think

Being a second-born child in a family of four kids, I understand full well how important it is for the new arrival to establish herself after the older brother has had all the attention for a while. In so doing, the second-born can come across as bossy, mischievous, and a free-spirit. It appears that this is a universal phenomenon in families everywhere...even in the Royal Family!!


During an event held at her home at Sandringham last month, Queen Elizabeth revealed a little-known secret about her two darling great-grandchildren, Prince George (4) and Princess Charlotte (2).



It seems that the younger sibling in the ‘Wales’ household conducts herself as the leader of the pack, having the instinct for leadership and controlling the dynamics between herself and her older brother.


Stopping short of saying Charlotte is “bossy” Her Majesty hinted that the younger sister is watching out for the older brother in this young family.


But if that’s not enough for you, father knows best. Dad, Prince William, has already gone on record as saying that Charlotte will be “trouble” when she gets older, not George!


No matter what the future holds for these two sweet Royals, we can say, unequivocally, that George and Charlotte are absolutely adorable and we wait with bated breath for each piece of news (and photo) about their lives.

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