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Queen Elizabeth Drops Massive Clue About When Prince Charles Will Become King, And It’s Not At All What You Might Think

June 04, 2018

At age 92, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II deserves to slow down a bit. After serving the Commonwealth for over 60 years, you might expect her to back off on the number and scope of her various royal obligations. You might also expect to see less and less of her as the days go by, easing the transition to the day when her son, Prince Charles takes over as reigning Monarch.

Yes, that is exactly what any rational human being would conclude. After all, Her Majesty has ‘done her bit’ to quote her husband, Prince Philip upon his decision to retire in 2017. But experts have revealed that the trend in the Queen’s activity has gone in an unexpected direction, with no sign of it changing any time soon.

In stunning new information revealed by Write Royal, the Queen has, in fact, INCREASED her workload in 2018 by 25 percent over the same period of time last year. And she looks no worse for the wear, bearing the same degree of charm and grace that she always has. In fact, some might say she seems more vigorous than usual and has been energized by the fast pace of her recent Royal Life.

Daily Mail reveals “the sprightly nonagenarian has already completed a mind-boggling 125 engagements since January.” I can't imagine anyone, much less a 92-year-old, taking on that kind of workload!

According to Write Royalty's Patricia Treble, “the Queen's increased workload could be down to the debilitating cold that forced her to cancel a series of engagements over the same period last year.”

Knowing the Queen’s sense of duty and responsibility, she may be trying to make up for lost time. But, it just might be that she is feeling great because of the wonderful family events that have occurred this year, and she wants to go out and meet the people who have made her job such a pleasure and have shown such affection for and devotion to her loved ones.

Whatever the reason, we are glad that Her Majesty is feeling well enough to get out and about so much. With this kind of activity, it seems unlikely that the Prince of Wales will need to dust off his crown anytime soon, and that he still has quite a wait before he steps into his mother’s shoes as reigning monarch.

To look back on last Fall when the Duke of Edinburgh decided to cease carrying out royal duties, leaving Queen Elizabeth to go solo from then on, watch the video, below.


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