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Queen Elizabeth’s Blessings Of Kate And Meghan Were More Intentional Than You Realize... Her Majesty Knew What She Was Doing All Along

August 10, 2018

What are the most common words you think of when you think about the British Royal Family? For many, words such as “traditional,” “powerful,” “established,” “firm,” and “definite,” come to mind. At least, those used to be the words that came to mind…

Today, the British Royal Family is evolving more publicly than ever before. Created and maintained in total tradition, the British Monarchy is transforming into a modern and epic brand in history.

The one person that has been responsible for British Monarchy’s tradition and monarchy is its leading lady- Queen Elizabeth II. For 66 years, she has been the face of the iconic family- she’s had to move and bend with the current of the wild river that is the Royal Firm; from relational scandals to international agreements, Queen Elizabeth has shaped all that it the Royal Family is today.

In the last 12 years, however, the Royal Family has evolved tremendously with the addition of one female commoner: Kate Middleton.

While Kate came from a successful family, she was in no way aristocratic or royal. Instead, she was a simple country girl that William met while attending university. After officially dating for five years (but being romantically involved for seven), Will and Kate married in 2011. Their marriage depicting the reshaping of the long-standing Royal firm.

In 2016, reshaping took to a new level after Prince Harry was noted to be dating Meghan Markle; a biracial and divorced American actress. In late 2017, Harry and Meghan were engaged to marry and there was no doubt about it- the well-esteemed and traditional Royal Family was modernizing right before the world’s eyes. On May 19th, 2018, Harry and Meghan married with a ceremony that symbolized change brought on by love and respect and it was all too clear that the Royal Family was indeed transforming.

A former palace staffer from 1998- 2003, Colleen Harris, speaks to this transformation and the Queen’s place in it and her response is literally shocking. “She’s ensuring the future of the monarchy by being open and flexible and adapting. She’s allowing it to rebrand.” Her words are inarguable as she continued with certainty, saying, “The Queen is allowing the royal family to modernize. We have come a really long way. They are not stuffy and immovable.”

Kate and Meghan earned the Queen’s blessing as insurance of the everlasting monarchy in this evolving world; the Royal Family is adapting while maintaining its tradition and it’s truly epic to witness.

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