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Queen Elizabeth Frightens Family After Refusing Surgery; Now, Her Family Begging Her To Reconsider And Praying For A Miracle

July 03, 2018

Queen Elizabeth is the world’s longest reigning and most adored monarch in history. At 92-years-old, she’s still attending to her royal duties daily. In 2017, Her Majesty carried out 296 royal engagements.

Since day one, Queen Elizabeth has made her duty as the reigning monarch her first priority. Over the years, fans, spectators, and even critics have watched as she’s managed to balance so many duties; as a wife to Prince Philip and mother to four children, Queen Elizabeth was always tending to something. The world has stayed in a constant state of fascination with her ability to balance all of her duties so well.

In recent years, the Queen’s age has been a cause of concern. Aside from her knee operation after a fall in 2003, Her Majesty has remained in rather pristine health. However, in 2018, she secretly underwent cataract surgery. The surgery was kept hush-hush but after the Queen showed up to two official royal events in sunglasses, people began to wonder; days later, Buckingham Palace confessed that she did have surgery privately a couple weeks prior.

Her surgery caused an international commotion as people began wondering if her age was catching up to her. At 92, a cataract surgery isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, but for one of the most famous women in history, it was a massive deal. Critics and fans alike began to wonder if this was the start of Her Majesty’s decline.

But carat surgery isn’t the only operation that the Queen has been in need of; The Queen desperately needs a knee surgery.

For several weeks, Her Majesty has been suffering from worsening knee pain. A Buckingham Palace insider recently shared that the monarch has been having problems sitting down and standing back up. But after the media’s attention from her private eye surgery, she’s been entirely reluctant to make it happen.

Given last year’s schedule with 296 royal engagements, the Queen does not want to take off any time if she can help it. Having 81% of the year dedicated to work (not to mention family outings and personal events), Her Majesty would have less than 20% of the year to recover. At her age, a knee surgery could require several weeks of therapy and even more time readjusting back into her schedule.

A source told The Sun that Her Majesty is also reluctant because she of her age: “People from her and Philip’s generation battle through problems and carry on. And Her Majesty doesn’t like to cause any fuss.”

While we can respect the Queen’s willingness to work, we are joining her family who is hoping that she will listen to her body and have the operation. Please share this story if you believe the power of prayer can move Queen Elizabeth towards getting the help that she needs so desperately.


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