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Queen Elizabeth Offers Meghan New Title And Now Fans Are Wondering If Her Majesty Is Wanting Meghan Back On The Big Screen

January 30, 2019

Did Queen Elizabeth just give Meghan Markle permission to re-enter the entertain industry?

When it was announced that American actress, Meghan Markle, would enter the Royal Family in November 2017, so marked the end of an era. Prior to entering the family, Meghan Markle was a popular actress in hit television series, Suits.

After more than 100 episodes and seven seasons, the star agreed to leave the Hollywood lifestyle behind in order to pursue a life with Prince Harry.

Meghan’s transition into the Royal Family has been very publicly discussed; from family drama to baby news, the new Duchess of Sussex has appeared to have made quite the sacrifice in leaving behind the entertainment industry. And while we know she loves her husband and her new family, the fact that her name is constantly in headlines can’t be an easy transition.

Now, her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, might be taking notice of Meghan’s recent sacrifices.

On January 30th, 2019, Meghan Markle arrived at the National Theatre in London. As one of her four royal patronages, Meghan greeted the staff and was even able to meet some performing members. The Duchess was also privileged to see a performance of War Horse by some of the children.

Prior to Meghan becoming the Royal Patron for the National Theatre, Queen Elizabeth II held the title. In early 2019, it was handed down by the Queen to Meghan Markle. As the Queen knows, her newest granddaughter “is a strong believer in using the arts to bring people from different backgrounds and communities together, and this first official visit to The National Theatre will explore the work they do, as well as meeting some of the talented teams and apprentices working behind the scenes.”

Her involvement at the National Theatre in London will likely be amongst Meghan’s most favorited patronages. Now, fans are hoping that Meghan’s involvement with the theatre will welcome her back to the stage and/ or screen. Some fans are even hoping she’ll as a guest on her former show, Suits.

Wouldn’t that be something?! Do you think Queen Elizabeth would ever make an exception for Meghan? Let us know what you think in the comment section but remember to keep it clean in the comments!

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