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Queen Elizabeth Presents Meghan Markle With Another Honor She Never Gave Kate Middleton, Causing Fans Across The Globe To Question Everything

June 22, 2018

From the moment Meghan Markle came onto the royal scene, the world has been head-over-heels in love with her. There are many reasons to love this American beauty, but to put it simply, whoever Prince Harry loves the world will love as well.

He quickly made a name for himself as being the “royal bachelor,” causing many to wonder if he’d ever put aside his party lifestyle, find a bride, and settle down. As soon as he and Meghan were first seen out and about together, everyone instantly knew there was something different about him.

His adoration for her was apparent, and his demeanor instantly changed. He made it clear that he had found the one he wanted to be with forever, and we were thrilled. Since the pair married and earned the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their worldwide fame has skyrocketed.

If there is an event where royal family members are present, people always wonder if Harry and Meghan will be attending. It’s been a fun journey to watch Meghan transform into a prim and proper royal right before our very eyes.

In no time at all, she seemed to put her relaxed, cool-girl L.A. style aside and take on the sleek, classy look that a perfect royal possesses. It’s easy to see that she’s taken plenty of notes from her new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, who is the epitome of what royal class should be.

From what we’ve seen thus far, the Duchesses have gotten along very well and seem to be thrilled to have one another in their lives. While this is exactly what we’d hoped for all along, it does cause some to wonder if there is any competition or animosity between the two women.

For a long time, Kate Middleton was the world’s, royal sweetheart. Now, it seems as though the tide has turned and Meghan Markle has taken over the hearts of all who follow the prestigious family.

New reports have surfaced, causing us to think this could be a bit truer even behind palace walls. The palace recently announced that Meghan would be accompanying the Queen for a second time at a royal duty. This particular one is one Kate was never asked to join.

“On Tuesday 26 June, Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, will host a reception at Buckingham Palace to present awards to the @QueensLeaders 2018. #QueensYoungLeaders,” the source stated.

They continued: “The Queen will also be accompanied by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the @QueensLeaders Awards on Tuesday. #QueensYoungLeaders” This is an honor that was never before been presented to Kate Middleton, and people have certainly taken notice of this fact.

One source ever weighed in on the relationship between the Queen and Meghan, stating the noticeable differences from the Queen and Kate’s relationship. “There are three clear body language signals that the training she has done has paid off. Her trip with the Queen seems to have modified her handshaking techniques, with the increased distance pls the softer looking grasp being very much a signature ritual of the Queen.”

These noticeable facts certainly do make you think. Could the Queen have chosen Meghan as her more favored granddaughter-in-law?


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