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Queen Elizabeth Requests Prince Harry To Receive Official Title Change Only Days Before Wedding! No One Ever Saw This Coming

April 12, 2018

Only days before young Prince Harry marries American actress, Meghan Markle, Queen Elizabeth is giving him a very impressive promotion. At the Queen’s request, her grandson is taking over the prestigious and coveted role of the President of Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

The exciting promotion is an incredible honor to Harry who has the perfect charisma and energy to lead the Commonwealth Trust. The Queen thought her grandson would be perfect for the position for many reasons and she is thrilled to see him evolve as a leader.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is a truly impactful organization that aims to share ideas towards beneficial change. One-third of the world’s population lives in the Commonwealth network of 53 countries. The Commonwealth Trust hopes to support and champion projects focused on education, health, the environment, and sports.

Prince Harry is the perfect fit for the role and his bride, Meghan Markle, is also known for her passion towards humanitarian efforts. Together, the two will aim to reach the Commonwealth’s highest vision with passion and connectivity.

Dr. Sue Onslow, a deputy director Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, told the Sunday Times, "It's a very astute move giving Prince Harry a non-political, global role, drawing on his charisma and energy to help keep the Commonwealth and its headship relevant to a younger generation. This is soft-power diplomacy."

Prince Harry and Meghan are set to marry on May 19th, 2018. Their wedding will not only be extravagant, but it will be historical. The American ambassador to Britain, Robert Wood Johnson, believes that the marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will strengthen the relationship between the UK and the US.

As of right now, Prince Harry’s title of President will not interfere with Meghan’s official title. Once married, she will be “Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales,'”

The Queen is thrilled to watch her husband step into such a well-fitting role. She has high hopes for him to take bring the vision of the Commonwealth Trust to its full potential. With Meghan’s support, we believe great things are ahead for the couple!


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