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Queen Elizabeth Reveals The Naughty Nature Of Prince George And Princess Charlotte. Her Technique For Managing Their Behavior Is Shockingly Resourceful

April 11, 2018

Queen Elizabeth wears many hats as the world’s longest reigning monarch, but amongst her long list of titles, she is a proud mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her Majesty has eight grandchildren and five (soon to be six) great-grandchildren (the photo below includes 2 of her oldest grandchildren and her great-grandchildren). And while her official royal duties require much of her attention, she’s been known to have special relationships with each grandchild.

The Queen’s youngest grandchildren appear to be surprisingly well-behaved children. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, have made more official public appearances than most adults. From what the general public can tell, they seem to be mature for their age.

Apparently, the little royals aren’t as proper as they appear to be…

In a recently filmed documentary called The Queen's Green Planet, Her Majesty shared some rather suggestive and honest comments, some in which regarded her great-grandchildren.

Whilst walking through the Buckingham Palace gardens, the Queen and Neil Turner, a senior castle attendant, began talking about the family Christmas trees. That’s when Neil shared that he was the chosen one to decorate the tree and that it was a “painstaking process.”

The Queen knew exactly what he was referring to. She chimed in and said, “Yes, that is always the problem, is the children love knocking those [decorations] off… Well, my great-grandchildren do, anyway, they enjoy themselves.” The Queen didn’t seem to crack a smile.

She shared that Princes George, Princess Charlotte, and their cousin, Princess Mia, have been known get rather rambunctious around the tree once it’s been decorated. No matter how many times they’re told to stay away from the tree, they can’t seem to listen. They nearly always make a mess and destroy it. 

Luckily, Queen Elizabeth knows exactly what to do with her unruly little great-grandchildren. While they play with all of the decoration, the Queen shared that the only way to get them to be careful with it is to decorate it themselves.

Her Majesty shares, “The great thing to do is to just make them decorate it themselves! When they’re the ones working on it, they tend to be a bit more careful. It always looks jolly.” Sounds like a perfect plan; the kids get to spend time with the pretty decorations, but they also get pride in decorating the tree while learning ownership and discipline.

At the end of the day, the little royals are still kids! They (like every other kid) are curious, especially about shiny and glittery things. It sounds like the Queen knows exactly how to manage them though!


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