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Queen Elizabeth Has 7 Great-Grandchildren, But Only 3 Are 'Royal' - Here’s The Surprising Reason Why

November 05, 2018

At 92 years of age, the Queen has a lot to be proud of in her life. A marriage that has stood the test of time at 71 years and counting, four children who have made her extremely proud with their achievements, and a bunch of grandchildren on whom she dotes.

Now, with the births of Prince Louis in April and Lena Tindall in June, Queen Elizabeth is the proud great-grandmother of seven little darlings!! And come the Spring of 2019, number eight will be added to the tally with Prince Harry and wife Meghan set to welcome their first child!

But, even though all seven of the 'Greats' are descended equally from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, only three are considered 'Royal.' As astonishing as it may seem, the other three are actually commoners!

How can that possibly be, you ask? Well, you know the Royals have some unusual regulations and one might say that the rule behind this particular inconsistency could fall into that category. Let's take a look at all seven of them and see if we can point to some reasoning behind the seemingly unusual development.

Savannah Phillips

Seven-year-old Savannah Phillips is the Queen’s oldest great-grandchild. She is the granddaughter of Princess Anne. Her parents are Peter Phillips and his wife, Autumn Kelly.

According to This Is Insider, Savannah “is 15th in line for the throne, but doesn't have a royal title because her father doesn't have one. When Peter was born, his parents Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips declined the Queen's offer to give him one. According to the Washington Post, they didn't want a title interfering with his future career. In turn, Savannah is also a commoner and reportedly lives a normal life in London.”

Isla Phillips

Second-born daughter of Peter and Autumn Phillips is little Isla Phillips, aged six. “Her full name is Isla Elizabeth, likely a tribute to the queen. Like her sister, she doesn't have a royal title but can be spotted at royal events like the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham and the Trooping the Colour parade." Isla is 16th in line for the throne.

Mia Tindall

Mia Grace Tindall "is the daughter of Mike Tindall, a former rugby union player, and Zara Phillips, only daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips. Mia, aged four, doesn't have a royal title because her mother, Zara, wasn't given one when she was born. Mia is 18th in line for the throne."

Prince George

As the future king (he's third in line for the throne), "Prince George is perhaps the most well-known of the queen's great-grandchildren. The five-year-old is the eldest of Prince William and Kate Middleton's three children. He attends Thomas' Battersea in London, where he goes by 'George Cambridge.' He's been known to make some humorous faces when accompanying his parents on royal engagements."

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's second-born child and only daughter, "attends Willcocks Nursery School in Kensington, a nursery school with an all-female staff. At three years old, she's already making an impact as a fashion icon who has mastered the royal wave."

She's also making history as the "first female royal to keep her spot at fourth in line for the throne despite having a younger brother thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013."

Prince Louis

"The newest addition to Prince William and Kate's brood is Prince Louis Arthur Charles, named for Lord Louis Mountbatten, great-grandpa Philip's beloved uncle who was murdered by terrorists in 1979. Little Louis was born on April 23, 2018, at 11:01 a.m. and weighed eight pounds and seven ounces.

Even though little Louis is over six months old, we really have not gotten a good glimpse of him - and we hope that all changes in the very near future.

Lena Tindall

The newest great-grandchild was born on June 18th to Princess Anne's daughter Zara Phillips Tindall and her husband, rugby star Mike Tindall. Lena, like her sister and mother, will not have a royal title and will just be known as Miss Tindall.

So there you have it. Strange but true! Even though George, Charlotte, and Louis have the exact same amount of Royal Blood running through their veins, it's more a matter of the wishes of the parents when it comes to having a title or not.

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have announced that they are expecting their first child in the Spring, we wait on bated breath to find out not only the gender, but also if he or she will be granted a royal title like cousins George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Either way, the little one will be the Queen's eighth great grandchild and, no matter what title precedes his/her name, the royal bundle is sure to be loved and cherished just as if he/she had been the very first.

And although the titles, or lack thereof, differ, there is no doubt that Her Majesty the Queen and Great-Grandpa Philip love them all equally. I mean, come on! They're all absolutely adorable! Don't you agree??

To see who the Queen thinks is "in charge" among her beloved great-grandchildren, be sure to watch the video, below.


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