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Queen Elizabeth Unintentionally Leaked Massive Hint About Her True Feelings Toward Harry And His Bride, And The Internet Is At A Complete Loss For Words

May 30, 2018

The British Royal Family have found a way to continually grace the covers of every magazine, website, and news outlet globally for some time now. Their lifestyle, mannerisms, grace, and charisma captive us all, making us wonder just what life is truly like as a modern-day royal.

What has been deemed as the “wedding of the century” has finally come and gone, leaving us all with warm fuzzy feelings inside. Prince Harry has finally wed the love of his life, and we could all jump for joy.

His lifestyle before love was one that made many question if he would ever settle down. He lived his life to the fullest without a second thought to what his future might hold. At just the right time, he was introduced to an American actress named Meghan and the rest is history.

The entire family, along with millions worldwide, gathered round to watch the glorious wedding day unfold. Every detail was immaculately planned, and it all looked absolutely breathtaking. The family all looked rather cheerful before, during, and after the ceremony.

Many assumed that they all welcomed Meghan into the family with open arms. Looks can often be deceiving, though. Behind the broad smiles and cordial waves, were they being honest about how they really felt about this American joining in on the family?

The one person that most were curious about was Queen Elizabeth. Her expressions are always very telling, and she certainly had many during the ceremony.

Thanks to some eagle-eyed royal fans, we now know the real truth about the matter, and it’s exactly what we were hoping to hear. A recent photo was released of Queen Elizabeth and the Honorable George Brandis, the Australian High Commissioner to the U.K.

They stood together and appeared to be having a rather cordial conversation in the living room of Kensington Palace. Near the fireplace sat an end table with a lamp and several framed photographs. One that was placed front and center is what gave it all away.

A never before seen image of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lovingly posed together was the shining star on the table. While the image is hard to see clearly from the angle in the photo, it appears as though this could possibly have been taken during the couple’s engagement shoot before the tied the knot.

This act, alone, goes to show that the Queen is everything we hoped she would be and more: she’s a really proud grandma! When she’s off duty, I just know she’s the loving, adoring grandmother that we all wished we had.


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