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The Queen Forced To Break Royal Protocol After American Actress Approaches Her, And Now It's All Anyone Can Talk About

October 30, 2018

Everyone knows that Royalty is all about protocol. There are rules for everything that has to do with their professional and sometimes even personal lives.

But when you are a Royal, then just about everything is public so, when there is a breach of protocol, it usually comes to the attention of observant royal-watchers. And thanks to social media, the whole world soon hears about it.

All members of the Royal Family are under constant scrutiny for blatant or even subtle disregard for royal convention. Especially under the microscope are newcomers like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

But one thing both Ms. Middleton and Ms. Markle learned right away (and sometimes the HARD way) is that there is no pass given for being from the younger generation!

The Queen’s subjects in the U.K. are well-schooled in expectations for being in the presence of royalty. The “Dos and Don’ts” are learned during childhood so, in the unlikely event that one has an opportunity to meet Her Majesty the Queen, one doesn’t mess up.

Experts agree that one of the reasons the British Monarchy has survived for so long is their strict adherence to tradition and propriety. And one thing is for sure; no one ever expects Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to slip and break the rules!!

It's quite a different matter altogether for those of us from across the pond. We Americans - and especially those from the 'left coast' - seem to take custom and formalities with a grain of salt.

We are more about 'getting in touch with our feelings' and giving in to the impulses that invariably accompany an unexpected pleasure. And for one Hollywood actress, this is exactly what happened.

On June 24th, American film star Susan Sarandon was in England attending the Royal Windsor Cup Polo match, when across the field she spotted something - or should I say some 'one' - she just couldn't resist.

Just sitting there watching the match was none other than the Queen herself, Elizabeth II. Evidently holding firm to the old adage, 'Rules are made to be broken,' the actress decided to make a bold move.

Without so much as a second thought about proper protocol, the actress marched straight up to where the 92-year-old Monarch was sitting with her husband Prince Philip, 97, and began speaking to her.

Bending down (perhaps bowing??) to speak with her, Sarandon reached out for the Queen’s hand and proceeded to shake it with all the gusto she could muster.

Her actions definitely raised eyebrows since any self-respecting Brit knows that one should wait to be introduced before being so bold as to talk to the Queen!

People reports, “Sarandon was likely unaware of the tradition, but the Queen seemed to enjoy her company all the same. The monarch, 92, offered a big smile while her husband, Prince Philip, 97, appeared not to recognize Sarandon.

U.K. outlet the Daily Express reports that he "leaned across his wife, seemingly to get a better look at the face of their visitor.”

The Royal Windsor Cup Polo tournament is one of the most prestigious in the world and “attracts some of the most significant players. It is the oldest tournament to take place at the prestigious grounds, and Prince Philip himself previously won the trophy."

“Prince Philip has been noticeably absent from Royal engagements since retiring in August 2017 and opted not to attend Trooping the Colour and Royal Ascot in recent weeks. However polo remains one of his strongest passions, and he accompanied the Queen in handing out prizes to the winners.”

It appears that the Queen was not offended by the 71-year-old Sarandon’s unconventional behavior, and there’s no question that the actress didn’t give the whole thing a second thought! After all, that’s how they do things in Hollywood: if you want something, go after it!! That could explain how she got to be such a huge star!!

After her time in the U.K., Ms. Sarandon returned to the States in time to take part in an anti-Trump rally in Washington D.C. on Thursday, during which she was arrested for illegal protest.

She’s lucky that England doesn’t have the same laws it had a hundred years ago or she might have ended up in handcuffs on Sunday as well for her ‘crime’ of approaching the Queen without a proper introduction!!

To learn more about Ms. Sarandon’s arrest at the U.S. Senate building, watch the video, below.


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