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The Queen Faces ‘Homeless Crisis’ Of Her Own When Annual Holiday To Balmoral Doesn’t Turn Out As Planned

July 20, 2018

If you have followed the Royals for long, then you know that this time of year is when the Queen heads to her home at Balmoral Castle for her annual holiday away from London. Insiders say she looks forward to her time at her Scottish home every summer and counts the days as the date approaches.


Imagine Her Majesty's surprise when she arrived at her retreat to find that she couldn’t stay there quite yet. And it all has to do with a scheduling error.

You see, the Castle is open to the public for a potion the year and, this year is no different. However, someone must have gotten the dates mixed up because the castle isn’t set to close to visitors for a few days. Now the Queen has to find other lodgings until the estate is readied for her to take up residence.

(Photo, above) "A rare look inside Balmoral Castle as the Queen entertains Canadian Governor General Designate Julie Payette."

But never fear. The Royals always have a contingency plan and the Queen's current awkward housing situation is no exception to this rule.

“Since the main Balmoral castle is still open for visitors, the Queen is believed to be staying at one of her favorite residences on the Balmoral estate, the cozy Craigowan Lodge, before moving into the castle once the public opening of the main residence is over.”

(Above) "The Queen on horseback looking towards Balmoral Castle, Scotland in the distance during the royal family's annual summer holiday in September 1971."

It is expected that the Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, 97, will join her at Balmoral “for their long summer holiday, which will last until early October.”

And it’s likely that the rest of her family will make their way to Scotland at some point during the three months that the Queen will be staying there.

All in all, it looks as though it will be a lovely summer for the Royal Family, and we wish them rest, peace, and family togetherness as they spend this precious time in their favorite place on earth.

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