Quick-Thinking Teen Thwarts Intruders With Just 2 Critical Items - And Is Being Hailed As A 'Hero'

March 01, 2018

14-year-old Andrew Mason was at his North Las Vegas home one sunny afternoon when he heard an unexpected knock at the front door. With his parents out, he was watching over his two younger siblings, so he was aware of the responsibility he had. He had been taught to never answer the door without checking the security cameras to make sure it was someone he knew and trusted.

All three kids gazed at the screen, checking every view, and concluded that the person at the door was neither friend nor family member. After a few moments, he realized the two youths at the door were not leaving, so his radar automatically went up.

As he was ushering his siblings to the closet upstairs, he heard the sound of the front door being busted open. Now he was on high alert.

Just before joining his brothers in the hiding place, he grabbed two critical items - and that made all the difference. The three huddled together in the dark, hoping the intruders would take what they came for and go away. But, alas, that was not the case. No sooner had he completed that thought that he saw the closet door fly open.

Standing there were two hulking teens who looked as though they were up to no good. But the looks on their faces changed in an instant when they saw one of the two items Andrew had in his hands.

They ne’er-do-wells were looking down the menacing barrel of a rifle that Andrew had defiantly pointed at them!! The burglars stopped in their tracks and, as quickly as they could, did an about face and tore down the stairs and out the front door of the house. They grabbed one of the items they had already pilfered from the home, stuffed it in the trunk of the waiting getaway car, and peeled out of there quicker than you could say, “Gotcha!”

Soon, the police and Andrew’s father arrived and he related the harrowing tale. Thankfully, the security camera produced a clear image of the crooks and the authorities should have no trouble tracking them down so they can pay for their crime. They should just feel lucky that they got out of there without being shot!!

Calling his son a “hero,” Kieawa Mason beamed with pride as he described the training he has given his children. “My son, he handled everything perfectly. Absolutely perfectly. And he is a hero!”

Thank goodness this teenager had the presence of mind to grab the two items that ended up being the key to this family’s safety: his cell phone and the rifle that his father had wisely taught him how to use. Not every crime story ends up this way, but we are grateful that, in this case, things turned out exactly the way they should.

To see more about this harrowing story, watch the video, below.

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