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Quivering In Pain From A Nearly-Severed Ear, Banjo Can't Understand What's Happening To Him. Then An Angel Shows Up And Changes Everything

March 06, 2018

You can see how terrified he is. His whole body is quivering due to the trauma of his predicament. He is covered in wounds, the worst of which is a torn ear that is oozing and bleeding profusely with every move he makes.

When his rescuers arrive to free him from his prison of fear and pain, he tries to bolt away because he has no clue that they are here to help, not hurt. Who can blame him? His experience with humans up to this point has been anything but good.

Armed with a thick blanket and yummy treats, his hero gently works to get him into his arms so he can take the poor pooch back to the clinic to be treated. It takes a while to gain his trust but, eventually, the rescuer is successful in phase one of the plan to give this precious pup a new life.

Not happy with the blanket covering his head, he struggles momentarily until he realizes that this is going to happen and finally relents. But not without protest, as he's being carried to the waiting rescue vehicle.

First order of business after arriving at the clinic is to get that gaping wound taken care of. After sedating the sweet fellow, doctors meticulously work to repair the nearly-severed ear that has been causing him so much agony.

Unfortunately, once they get a better look at the extent of the damage done to his ear, they make the difficult decision to amputate it completely. It would never have been able to regenerate due to the length of time since the injury occurred. they stitched up what was left of the ear and wrapped him up to begin his healing process.

After a couple of weeks of rest, loving care, and good nutrition, little Banjo is back on his feet. Ear or no ear, this in one plucky little puppy.

Nothing will stand in his way now as he marches confidently toward a bright, happy future in the loving care of the compassionate staff at Animal Aid Unlimited.

He now has a forever home where he is free to run and play with all the other well-loved rescue pets. From this point forward, Banjo will never have to suffer the way he did in his former life.

Hurray for the heroes who dedicate their lives to improving the lives of the forgotten dogs who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned on the mean streets.

To see Banjo's amazing recovery, watch the video, below.

*WARNING: Some images are graphic in nature and may be disturbing to some viewers.

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