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Racing Horses Is Not Just A Hobby For The Queen But A Money-Making Venture. Your Jaw Will Drop When You Hear How Much She's Earned

March 08, 2018

Granted, the woman loves horses and I think she would own them even if they didn't make her lots and lots of money. But in owning and racing her beloved horses, Queen Elizabeth has earned enough to make even a commoner comfortably wealthy! Known as "The Sport of Kings," in this case it also applies to Queens!

According to USA Today, in the 30 years of racing her beloved thoroughbreds, she has raked in a whopping $9,372,441! That's 452 outright wins in 2,834 races. Her 16% win percentage is considered quite respectable and few horse owners enjoy such a great win ratio.

In an interview, racing expert Sean Trivass shares a bit of insight into the Queen's predilection for equines and why she is so keen on racing them.

Trivass, who follows the Queen's horse racing endeavors and enjoys tracking the data on her performance, shares that these numbers might be a bit deceiving as horse racing is a very costly enterprise. He adds that she may have only recently broken even in her "hobby."

"So there has been a long royal connection that I suspect the queen enjoys continuing," Trivass says. "Her genuine love of the horses is not in question — one look at her face when her horse begins a run or gets to challenge will tell you all you need to know."

Whether it's the Epsom Derby or Royal Ascot, you can always count on Her Majesty to be front and center when the gate goes up. An avid horse rider since the age of six, she enjoyed her first win at the track in 1953 when her very own 'Choir Boy' came across the finish line first at the Hunt Cup.

Not only does she love her horses, but The Queen is quite knowledgeable in all aspects breeding, training, and performance of the majestic animals.

Possibly one of the keys to her longevity, we hope Her Majesty enjoys many more years of riding, racing, and loving her beloved horses.

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