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Radio Host Gasps When William And Kate Reveal The Truth About Their Secret Late Night Obsession

July 26, 2018

The royal family has a schedule unlike any other. Between meetings, appointments, engagements, and appearances, one tends to wonder just how they have time to fit it all in and juggle a family life at the same time.

We know that they virtually have the world at their fingertips and can have almost anything they wish for in a moment’s notice. When it comes to food, this is also the case.

One thing that some have wondered, though, is if they always have their food prepared for them, or if they ever get to live like us “normal folks” and get to grab some takeout.

Prince William and Kate Middleton had a candid interview with BBC 1 Radio and spilled the beans on what they do on nights when they have a craving for takeouts, and it’s the best thing we’ve heard all day.

Amid candid conversation, the host casually asked, “Are you allowed to order takeaway if you want to?” To this, William laughed aloud, and Kate instantly chimed in, “Absolutely!” He agreed, “Yes, definitely! It’s very important.”

As if that wasn’t reason enough to love them when asked what their go-to dish was, their answer was more spectacular than we could have anticipated.

“So what would you have? Would you have a pizza? Would you have Chinese? What would you have?” the host quizzed. Kate enthusiastically answered, “Curry!” William couldn’t help but grin at the answer and nod in agreement.

While Kate made it clear that this is always her go-to option, she did acknowledge that William does have a bit of a tricky time making decisions on what to order.

Another host asked about their method of ordering takeout. I mean, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can’t just pop into any restaurant and pick up their order without causing a great commotion.


William gives him just the answer he was looking for: “It doesn’t get ordered to the palace. We tend to go and pick it up - well, not ourselves.”

So there you have it - just one more reason to love the Cambridge family even more! While they live a grand life, they still enjoy the simple pleasures that you and I do. And curry? Yes, please!


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