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Raegan Was Born To A Backyard Breeder. Thanks To The Love Of One Family, She’s Overcome Her Sad Past

November 28, 2017

Raegan is a beautiful red-and-white Pit Bull-Type dog with the most gorgeous honey-colored eyes we’ve ever seen. Raegan is one of the sweetest pups around, and she loves to spend time playing with her two Lab siblings, Hank and Dean! The trio loves going to Doggy Daycare every chance they get, and they are always quick to make new friends!

Raegan's life wasn’t always full of joy and happiness. In fact, the start of her young life was rather sad. Reagan was born to a backyard breeder, who truly believed she was doing nothing wrong. Although she had never health-tested her dogs and they were not even registered purebreds, the breeder decided to go ahead and breed Reagan’s mother, Lucy.

Lucy’s owner loved her a lot, and felt that there should be a few more Lucys in the world! She also wanted her kids to be able to experience the joys of raising a litter of puppies so that they could really get to see the circle of life. When Raegan and her littermates were old enough, they were sold to nearby families who were looking for their forever furry friends. Since Lucy’s owner was a backyard breeder, she didn’t know how to find families that would keep and love the puppies for the rest of their lives.

Sadly, not long after Raegan went to her new home, the new owners became unable to keep her. She ended up at the animal shelter, where she was lucky enough to be fostered by her (future) forever-family. She stayed there for awhile before being adopted by a new family who could give her a great home.

Fortunately for Raegan’s forever-family, she was soon returned by her recent-adopters who decided they didn’t have time to deal with her silly puppy antics. Raegan was glad to be back at the home where she’d been loved and treated like one of the family from the very first time she met them. Her older brothers were also happy to have her back, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Raegan has had the chance to grow into a loving and happy-go-lucky pup without a fear in the world. Thanks to her adoring family’s support and patience, Raegan is outgoing and always up for a new adventure! Even though she had a bit of a rough start in life, she’s never let it hold her back at all.

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