Rainbow The Pit Bull Gave Birth In A Tiny Den, When The Biggest Storm In Years Rolled In Rescuers Jumped Into Action

August 08, 2017

Pit bulls receive a lot of hate for being “aggressive” and “horrible” dogs who “will betray their family”. Of course, that’s not true. One pit bull in Southern California showed just how loyal and gentle she was when rescuers stepped in to help save her pups! People had been trying to catch Rainbow for 3 months with no luck, and she had made herself a little den in the thick brush next to the sidewalk.

Two days before rescuers heard about her, she had given birth to a litter of nine puppies. Hope for Paws animal rescue got the call about her, and drove three and a half hours in the worst rainstorm that California had seen in years to save her and her puppies. When they arrived on the scene, the rescuers quickly located the mom and pups.

The lead rescuer, Eldad, climbed into the brush to reach the nest the momma had made. Eldad slowly gained her trust by offering her pieces of cheeseburger that she gobbled up quickly. As the two began to bond, she allowed him to pet her face and the puppies and then to slide a leash over her head.

Carefully, Eldad began to pick up the puppies one by one and pass them to the other rescuers who were taking them and keeping them dry. Rainbow allowed him to take the puppies without ever threatening to harm him - which is something a lot of pet dogs won’t even allow people they know to do! She watched him nervously, and when most of the pups were safe, she tried to follow him out but there wasn’t enough room for both her and Eldad so she was forced to just wait.

Once they managed to get all the puppies, they had to pull Gentle Rainbow from her den because she was scared. After getting her safely into a crate, Eldad crawled back into the den to make sure there were no more puppies - thankfully there were only the nine pups. They quickly loaded the family into their SUV and drove to the veterinarians office.

The storm was so strong that the power was knocked out at the veterinarian’s office! They had to continue to use the flashlights and headlamps they had used to save the dogs to begin with! They quickly settled the Rainbow and her pups into a warm, dry kennel where they were able nurse and bond again.

Rainbow and her puppies are now in perfect health and looking for new homes. The family of ten are hoping to find great homes where they’ll never have to worry about going hungry again.

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