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Playful Kitten Tries Winning The Attention Of Relaxing Dalmatian. Can This Kitty Attain The Love Of This K9?

September 14, 2017

These three furry friends, a kitten (Squirt) and two dogs (Louie and Lady), are enjoying a nice day inside, lounging around and pretty much doing nothing. This relaxing scene does not last for long, however, because Squirt has other plans in mind for her large four-legged friends.

Tired of doing nothing, Squirt quickly goes from lying down to pouncing and tugging on Lady’s tail. This little fur ball is ready to play! Now she just needs to talk the lovely Lady into joining her. When Squirt sees the look on the dog’s face, she realizes that getting them to partake in her playful games may be a bit more difficult to accomplish then she had anticipated. Thankfully, the dog does not become irritated at the cat. Instead, Lady politely declines the offer and, in a cordial manner, stands up and calmly walks over to a new spot, where the relaxation can continue.

Squirt, however, isn’t ready to give up quite so quickly. She playfully jumps in the air and grabs the doggie’s tale, which happens to be dangling right in front of Squirt’s face. The Dalmatian, at this point, has been won over and now this gentle K9 is ready to play. With a wagging tail and kind spirit, the dog bows down to Squirt’s eye level where the precious kitty gives a sweet kiss and kind pat on the face. It’s the cutest playtime ever, one you will definitely want to see for yourself!

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