Ramsey Works Every Day To Prove That Pit Bulls Are Not Bad Dogs. When You See How, You Won’t Be Able To Stop Grinning

September 21, 2017

Pit Bulls are a type of dog that, through no fault of their own, are often feared and hated. One problem is that saying “pit bull” is akin to saying “hound,” as they are types of dogs and not a true breed. These amazing animals were originally bred to be extremely loyal, which also means they do whatever we ask of them, regardless of any pain it might cause them. Some humans have taken advantage of this extreme love and loyalty, tricking them into doing all sorts of horrible things. Consequently, they have gained the reputation of being aggressive and untrustworthy.


One stunning blue-and-white Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Ramsey is doing his absolute best to show the world that members of his breed are not the dangerous, mean animals they are portrayed to be! Ramsey has a secret trick up his sleeve to help win-over the doubters: Ramsey knows how to smile in the most adorable way ever.


Ramsey is a darling dog who is doing his best to break down breed stereotypes, one wonderful photo at a time. Over 189,000 people follow this precious pup on his Instagram account and they’ve been treated to over 1,200 of the most captivating photos you’ve ever seen.


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