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This Rare Penny Might Be In Your Spare Change! If You Have It, You Will Get $85,000

April 05, 2018

These days, everything is electronic; mail, work, an even money. Hardly anyone carries strictly cash and coin on them anymore! But after reading this article, you might reconsider collecting your loose change!

The most overlooked coins of all coins, the penny, is making headlines with some very valuable news! While most pennies are valued at only 1 cent, the 1943 Copper Wheat Penny is valued at a shocking $85,000!

And the best news is: this $85,000 is just floating around in the hands of ordinary people!

Seriously! That means that you could have an $85,000 1-cent coin in your collection!

What makes this Copper Wheat Penny so special is how it was made. In 1943, a small batch of pennies was made with copper, rather than steel. For the most part, Copper Wheat Pennies are proudly on display in coin-collector's homes, but there are still several that are not accounted for by collectors.

These pennies are so valuable because of the era they come from; in 1943, penny production strictly involved steel rather than copper. Copper was being saved for WWII and it was very important it went to towards the war rather than 1-cent coins.

TipHero shares that you can easily identify a 1943 Copper Wheat Penny by “checking the “heads” side has the classical Abe Lincoln bust on it. 1943 is imprinted in the lower right corner, and you may see some with or without the letter “S”. The “S” only denotes that it was minted in San Francisco. On the “tails” side you’ll see the two wheat stalks flanking “ONE CENT” in the center.”

However, if your eyes can’t quite see that well, just grab a magnet! If it sticks, it’s steel, not copper.

Are you interested in sifting through your pennies for a $85,000? Do you keep track of rare coins in circulation? If you don’t you might want to start! You can start by going through your own collection or by searching second-hand stores! In this video, a man donated very rare coin on accident!


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