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Rarest And Most Valuable Treasures On ‘Pawn Stars’ Are Beyond Unbelievable! Are You Checking Your Attic Yet

April 13, 2018

Garage Sales, estate sales, and family heirlooms are making a massive comeback! If you’ve ever been a fan of the antiques, you might be the next million- dollar- winner! No really! The History Channel’s Pawn Stars has been trading cash for rare finds since 2009.

During their time on television, they’ve been introduced to some extraordinarily rare goods. Here are the top most rare and expensive Pawn Star finds! You won’t believe your eyes!

1. 17th Century Ship's Bell- This bell entered the shop after a woman started sifting through some old items that she had planned to get rid of in a garage sale. Before putting out in her yard, she carried it into the shop. The experts revealed that the bell was dated clear back 1602. They offered her a whopping $15,000 for the bell!

2. Spanish Gold Coin- A coin that was inherited from the owner’s grandparents and sat in a box for decades. Once the owner learned of the show, she brought it. She learned that the was dated from 1715. The owner walked away with $18,000!

3. Olympic Medals- Joe Green, former Long Jump Olympian, traded his own gold and bronze medals for cold hard cash in the 90’s. His hard work and the ultimate trophy earned him $30,000.

4. Original Book of Mormon- This version of the Book of Mormon happened to be the fifth version ever in existence! It dated back to 1842 and happens to be the last version printed in the founder’s, Joseph Smith, lifetime! It was valued at $40,000!

5. Fender Stratocaster Guitar- This 1961 guitar wasn’t just any old Fender! This was the guitar played by Vic Flick on the James Bond soundtrack! Believe it or not, this guitar was valued at $55,000!

6. JFK’s Private Cigar Box- The owner of this collection knew it’s value when he brought it he brought it into the shop. He asked for a shocking $95,000 for the collection which held 9 wrapped cigars and the box itself. He walked away with only $60,000, and we say only $60,000 because another shop had sold a similar collection for an astounding $575,000! Had the owner known that, I doubt he would have come down on the price even a penny!

7. 200 Plus Pounds of Silver- after years of investing in silver, one man’s collection finally paid off- literally! After decades of collecting the pure metal, it’s worth increased at an astounding rate! He exchanged it for a shocking $110,000! Sounds like his hobby of collecting paid off!

While the team has surely come across some treasures, their real wealth comes from the show itself! Definition shares that the lowest paid employee earns an impressive $25,000 an episode! Sounds like they chose the right career path!

Are you a fan of the show? Have you ever taken anything to a pawn shop and if so, what did you earn back? Let us know in the comments?!


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