Remmy Lost His Paw Due To A Horrible Accident. This Tripaw Has Never Let It Stop Him From Anything

November 20, 2017

Remmy is a gorgeous five-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix who lives with his adoring family in Tucson, Arizona. Remmy and his momma, Brie, love to spend their time camping whenever they can. As the weekends roll around, you can usually find them heading out to camp somewhere new and fun! There are always adventures to be found with these two around.

Brie adopted Remmy three years ago when he was two years old. He’d been living on the streets, scrounging for food, and sleeping wherever he could. During his time as a stray, his paw was injured horribly. While they can’t be certain what caused the trauma, the veterinarian believes it was the result of a car accident. By the time he was saved, there was nothing more they could do for his paw, so they had to amputate it.

Remmy is such a rambunctious and resilient pup that he doesn’t seem to miss his absent paw at all! In fact, he’s taken to being a tripaw like a duck takes to water! He runs just as fast as any four-legged pup around, and he always holds his own when he wrestles with his big canine friends. There’s nothing holding Remmy back, that’s for sure.

Remmy and Brie love to go hiking on the most deserted of trails through the desert, where they are sure to find new things to see all the time. They enjoy traveling to new places all the time as well, and have even gone on camping trips in Canada! They definitely have a lot of fun together, whether it be paddleboarding down rivers or racing down trails!

Remmy may love to go camping with his adoring momma, but he also loves to hang out at the house with his fur-siblings! Remmy enjoys playing fetch with his two canine siblings, Bo the Bichon-Poodle mix and Coco the Poodle-Yorkie mix. When he’s not racing his elderly siblings, he loves to curl up for a nap with his feline siblings, Roxie and Kit, who can always be found in the best napping spots. Although Remmy may have had to suffer a bit in his young life, he’s not missing out on a thing now!

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