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Rescue Dog Hilariously Fails Agility Course But The Crowd Loves Him So Much, He Still Takes Home A First Prize

March 16, 2018

Meet Baron Kratu von Bearbum! Or Kratu for short. He’s the rescue dog that everyone is talking about! You know, the one whose attempt at an agility course made you laugh so hard you cried? If you don’t know Kratu, get ready! This dog is all fun and games in the famous Crufts Agility Course!

Kratu was rescued nearly four years ago by a woman named Tessa. After living in truly deplorable conditions for most of his life, Tessa made it her life’s mission to give Kratu the life that he deserved. She worked with him constantly on manners and his behavior and soon enough, Kratu went from being timid and afraid to loving and energetic!

Tessa worked with Kratu for months before enrolling him in an agility competition. She knew that the training was short but she still had high hopes for Kratu. When the day finally arrived for Kratu to wow the crowd, he was over the moon excited and ready to perform!

Kratu took off on the agility course with one thing in mind: Fun! While Tessa had trained him for weeks and weeks, Kratu’s excitement took over his mind and we forgot everything he had learned!

The crowd watched through hysterically laughing and crying as Kratu completely bombed the agility course. He went in the wrong directions, he got distracted and ran off to play with the judges, and the got tangled up in the tunnels. Watching him on the course was the most hilarious sight to see but everyone could tell that Kratu was having a blast!

While Kratu didn’t nail the agility course, he still won first place in people’s hearts with his hilarious routine! He also won second place for the most handsome mixed breed! One judge even gave him "Best In Show!" Check out his attempt at the agility course below! Kratu does not disappoint even though he completely bombs the agility course! Kratu is just too much!

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