Rescue Dog, Nala, Growls And Trembles In Corner Of Shelter For Two Days! What Could Possibly Give Her The Will To Live Again? Only The Beat Of One Certain Heart!

August 09, 2017

In the corner, scared, growling and trembling for two full days lies Nala, a lost and abandoned pit.  Abbey, the kind lady trying to help Nala, is trying everything in her might to win the trust of this scared rescue dog.  With much dismay, nothing seems to work.


We do not know the past of this dog, the only thing we know is whatever she’s been through has been very traumatic for Nala. So traumatic that the will to live and love seems non-existent.  When all hope has almost seemed lost, Abbey tries one last attempt to win the love of this dog.  She invites her son Zach into the room.  Nala’s ears perk up and as soon as Zach sits down, Nala stands up and slowly inches towards the door to the kennel where Abbey and Zach are sitting.  Immediately the once scared Nala begins to wag her tail.  Instantly you can see the trust begin to form.


Due to Nala’s traumatic life, her will to survive was dwindling down to nothing.  What little life she had left she mustered up and sensed Zach’s kind heart where she found comfort and life in the eyes of this little boy.  She had finally found the secret to her happiness.  Roy T. Bennett stated in The Light In The Heart, “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind.  Be led by the dreams in your heart."

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