Rescue Dog Was Near Death, With Time And Love Her Dramatic Transformation Brought Everyone To Tears

August 09, 2017

It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to saving animals. Whether they are a veterinarian or an animal rescue worker, there is no shortage of heroes in the world that are willing to go the extra mile to give animals the best life possible. One dog, named Angel, was especially grateful for the heroes that came to save her life because, without them, she may not have made it.

When rescuers found Angel she was in pretty bad shape. She had been abused and purposefully starved for months. The rescuers transferred Angel to a shelter as quick as they could so they could inspect her thoroughly and get her on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Because of the abuse she suffered, Angel's body started to shut down and the rescuers and shelter workers had to give her fluids and medicine through an IV. The little pup was too weak to even stand on her own and the team wasn't sure if she would make it without a miracle. Despite their fears, the team promised Angel they would do everything they could to help her get better.

The shelter team started feeding Angel small amounts of food every day. They had to keep the serving sizes as small as possible because too much food at one time could have hurt or even killed the pup. They had to feed Angel by hand because the dog was too afraid to even pick food up from the ground on her own. Still, the workers did not give up because of the immense love they had for Angel.

Then, one day, the miracle happened. During feeding time, Angel reached out her head and ate food on her own. Her rescuers decided to try something and set some food out on the floor little ways in front of Angel and they were amazed by what happened. Angel not only stood up on her own for the first time, she took her first steps and walked toward the food that was waiting for her.

From that day Angel improved by leaps and bounds. Her personality started to show through and she was more playful and trusting than she ever had been before. Angel gained weight over time and she went from a brittle abused pup to a thriving and lively dog that was ready to take on the world. She even made new doggie friends around the shelter. Then, one day, Angel was informed that she had been adopted and was getting a forever home.

 Angel's new home came complete with a loving family, a doggie sibling, and a yard to play in all day long. Because of the love and determination of her rescuers, Angel was given a second chance at life and she took full advantage of it every single day. With a smile on her face and love in her heart, Angel would never again have to worry about abuse. She was home. She was safe. She was loved. Watch the video below to see Agnael and her breathtaking transformation.

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