Rescue Team Hears Dog Noises From Inside Old House. When They Get Inside They Find Over 70 Animals In Need Of Help

October 17, 2017

Animal rescuers are some of the most amazing people on the planet. Day in and day out, they dedicate their very lives to the preservation of animal rights. Often, animal rescuers receive calls about situations that require their immediate attention, but with very little information to go on. Such is the case when The Humane Society of Gallia County, Ohio receives a call about strange noises coming from a seemingly-abandoned house.

As the rescuers pull up to the house in question, they cannot believe that anything could be alive inside. As the team gets closer, however, they can indeed hear scuffling inside, and soon they can hear barking, as well. Based on the amount and type of noise they can discern, the rescue team calls in veterinarians to be ready on standby.

Once the veterinarians are in place, the rescue team breaches the front door. The team takes a few steps inside the house, and that is all it takes for them to see how dire the situation truly is. There, in the front room, are dozens of dogs, big and small. The team is utterly shocked at the sight, but they set to work, all the same.

After a few moments, the team hears more barks coming from other rooms in the house, both upstairs and downstairs. The team realizes that the house is not abandoned, not entirely at any rate. The dogs are being kept there by someone. The animals have no access to clean water, only the water that their keeper leaves for them. The rescue team must work quickly to find all of the pups, indoors and outdoors.

After much trial and effort, the team members locate and retrieve every single canine inside the house. There are 70 dogs in all, and most of them need veterinary care. All the veterinarians are eager to help the pups and, before long, all of the canines are wagging their tails, knowing that they are safe. The rescue is not over, however, for in the backyard of the house await three, rather larger, animals.

According to reports, the rescuers find three horses tied-up as well. The team unties the horses with relative ease, and the animals follow the rescuers, gratefully. The veterinarians administer emergency fluids to the horses and the dogs, and soon, all of the animals are freed from their dreadful prison and whisked away to safety. Thanks to the efforts of the rescue team, all the animals will find forever homes and bright futures! Watch the video, below, to see the rescue for yourself.

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