Rescued Dog Kept Running Away From His New Home, When Family Found Out The Reason Why, They Had To Let Him Go

August 22, 2017

Dogs have the unique and adorable tendency to form lifelong bonds with the human companions that love them the most. This is especially true of rescue dogs. Most rescue dogs start life out in less than ideal circumstances so when a person comes to give them a new life, the gratefulness and love they lavish on their new family is unmatched.

Some rescue dogs, like Geoffrey, start out in a foster home before they are officially adopted. Geoffrey developed such a special bond with his foster mom that no one was able to replace it. Not even the family that tried to adopt him.

Geoffrey, an adorable little chihuahua, was abandoned by his former family and taken to a shelter. He was immediately put up for adoption but seemed to need a little more attention than some of the other dogs so he was put in a foster home until someone came to adopt him permanently. Geoffrey's foster mom developed an instant bond with the little dog and Geoffrey was smitten with his new mom.

After some time, Geoffrey's foster mom found him a forever home and the two said their goodbyes. Once Geoffrey was at his new home, however, he realized how much his foster mom meant to him and decided to go find her. Geoffrey broke out of his new home one night and set out to find his foster mom again.

While out on his quest, Geoffrey lost his way and could not seem to remember where to go. He was also struck by a car, which only added to his confusion. The little pup was shaken but not hurt by his accident. Geoffrey was alone and tired so he looked for a place to sleep for the night. Although he was scared, Geoffrey remained determined that he would find his mom again.

Geoffrey's foster mom heard that he had run away and went out to see if she could locate him. She had no idea where to start looking and was worried that Geoffrey may be hurt. Finally, after days of searching Geoffrey's mom received a call about a small dog that people had heard barking in a warehouse.

Geoffrey's mom made her way inside the warehouse and, sure enough, hiding under a row of shelves was Geoffrey. Despite being frightened for days, upon seeing his mom again, Geoffrey came right out of his hiding spot. Geoffrey and his mom were reunited once again and Geoffrey's mom knew that they could never be separated again. She thanked Geoffrey's new family and informed them that she would take Geoffrey home with her. Geoffrey, along with his many new doggie brothers and sisters, was finally where he belonged. Home with his, now, forever mom. Watch the video below to see Geoffrey's journey.

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