Pit Bull, Brinks, Rescued From The Streets Of New York. This Dog’s Great Big Smile Will Turn Your Frown Upside Down

September 07, 2017

Brinks was wandering the streets of New York with no place to call home. Noticing this lost Pit Bull across from his apartment complex, John Bozak approached the stray dog and walked him to his car. Once inside the vehicle, Brinks made himself at home and, right away, jumped in the front seat. Happy as a clam, Brinks was soaking it all in. Then he did something that completely surprised John; he began smiling from ear to ear. Truly enjoying the beauty outside his window, the world his oyster, Brinks’ smile never wavered. Sensing he’d been given a second chance in life, this once-lost dog’s spirits were immediately brightened.

John hadn’t been looking for a second dog at that very moment in time. Moving forward, his number one priority, of course, was to make sure this lost dog made it home safely to his loving family, if in fact he had one. Spending several months of trying to locate Brinks’ rightful owners, John finally gave up and decided to adopt this very cheerful Pit. Finding his forever home with John, the long search was over.

12 years later, owner and dog have become best friends, and a funny dynamic duo at that. Whether it’s “joke time,” going on walks, or just lounging around in the New York sun, Brinks can still be found flashing his contagious smile and spreading joy to those around him. “He keeps me in a good mood,” says John. The cheerfulness that overtakes Brinks’ face is adorable, and his joyous smile will leave you feeling chipper and ready to take on the day. Watch this video to witness his great big smile that will turn your frown upside down.

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