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Rescued Mama Cat Can't Stop Hugging Kittens And It's Adorable! [VIDEO]

April 20, 2017

Mama cats love their babies and they have a full time job raising them until they are ready for their furrever homes! Cat moms are pregnant for about 9-10 weeks and then it is recommended that the kittens stay with their mama for at least 8 weeks. The feline mother not only cares for her kittens physically, but also teaches them the ways of being a cat. 

Kittens are growing babies and like to eat a lot! 

They depend on their mama to move them out of harm's way.


Of course keeping them clean is an important job too! 


When they are a bit bigger it is time for stalking and pouncing lessons! 


Meet Lacy, when she was dropped off at the Helen Woodward Animal Center she was already heavy with kittens. After giving birth in a safe place, she doesn't want to let go of her litter and repeatedly hugs them. 

Screenshot via Youtube

Watch this sweet mama cat love on her kittens in the video below! It's super cute! 

Lacy seems to understand how important it is to make the most of every moment and looks like she loves being a mama! 

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