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Rescuers Hear The Screams Of 8 Terrified Puppies Coming From A Cave. But Little Did They Know There Was One Surprise Left. [VIDEO]

April 05, 2017

I am thoroughly convinced there is NOTHING more exciting, more sweet, more pull-on-the-heart-strings-adorable than a puppy.

But times that by a thousand when there is a litter of puppies. 

How could you not love these fluffy, fun, puppy-breath smelling, I-want-to-squeeze-you-all-day-long creatures. 

Everything about them is lovely.

So when rescuers got the call that some puppies were in need, they dropped everything they were doing and headed to the scene. 

Watch this epic rescue here:


Wow! What a rescue. 

So thankful for there diligence in this rescue. Glad they kept going until all 9 puppies where out.

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