Rescued Puppy Reminds World to Be Generous - Makes Owner Cry

July 27, 2017

Stray dogs have a tough life, and no one knows that better than former stray dog Lana. Lana was found with her siblings when she was just a puppy in Brazil. Her family was saved, and she was immediately adopted by a woman named Suelen Schaumloeffel, who began to give her the life every stray dreams of.

Suelen bought Lana a nice fuzzy blanket to keep her warm and comfortable. One Monday night, as she began to snuggle up in her blanket in her dog house she spotted a stray. Lana pulled her blanket over to the fence line, and she slept all night sharing her blanket with the stray. Suelen and her fiance came out in the morning to go to work, and spotted the two sharing the blanket through the fence.

Suelen tried to catch the stray, but he was too nervous and would not let her approach him. She left out food and water for the stray, and hopes to find him a home of his very own.


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