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Norman Had A Tragic Start In Life. When Rescuers Stepped In, They Altered His Destiny. You’ll Cry With Joy When You See How The Gift Of Love Made A New Dog Out Of Him

August 09, 2017

All too often we hear about neglected dogs that need a loving home. The good news is, many of those same dogs are rescued and live out happy lives in forever homes filled with love! Such is the case with Norman. Norman had endured ten years of mistreatment at the hands of his owners and carried the scars to prove it.

The love of a human had been absent from Norman’s life for a very long time so, when the human rescuers arrived to free Norman from his current situation, you might expect him to cower in fear. Instead. Norman rose to his feet and moved toward them with his last bit of strength, powered by the unwavering hope that there could be a better life for him. With a thankful heart, Norman wagged his tail and indulged in the food set before him. Norman wanted a second chance at life, but was his will to live strong enough to overcome the horrible shape that he was in?

Norman was transported to a veterinary clinic where emergency care was administered. The IV fluids, physical therapy, and other treatments he received that day were the first steps on Norman’s long journey to recover. From this point forward Norman’s life would be forever changed for the better. His past would soon become a distant memory, replaced by the new experience of love from the caring humans in his life: the doctors now treating him and his soon-to-be forever family. Because of his indomitable spirit and his powerful will to live, Norman was adopted into a forever home. Here, he would finally have the freedom to be the dog he was meant to be.

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