Rescuers Presume Great Dane Was Neglected. The Whole Story Revealed Will Shock You!

September 20, 2017

When Darla, a Great Dane, was first brought into Adoptadane Rescue Queensland, she had very little hair left, almost her whole body was bleeding from the sores covering her body, and her spirits were down; needless to say, she was in a lot of pain and in a ghastly state.

At first assuming she came from a horrible case of neglect, rescuers soon realized that this was not the case. She, in fact, came from a very loving family who, in recent months, started to see a decline in Darla’s overall health. Worried about her well-being, they had taken her to a vet several times. The family even went looking for second opinions, in hopes of finding a cure for their precious fur baby.


In spite of their best efforts to help, the vets who treated Darla had completely misdiagnosed her condition. Consequently, their efforts to help her were unsuccessful. As the months passed, Darla’s health worsened. Finally, at the end of one of her vet visits, the family was given devastating news: they were told that they should put her down. The family did not want to entertain this option, yet they were tired of seeing Darla suffer.

At a complete loss for how to help their beloved canine, they reached out to Adoptadane Rescue Queensland for help. This is when Darla’s luck began to change for the better! Willing and ready to save Darla’s life, the rescue team jumped into action and immediately performed a skin test. In the meantime, people started to donate dozens of sheets and towels to soak up the blood from her oozing sores. It was a long, difficult process, but they were willing to do whatever it took to make this miserable dog as comfortable as possible.

When the skin tests result finally arrived, they revealed that Darla had a common skin disease known as Demodectic Mange. They immediately began Darla’s treatment and, surprisingly, after two full months they were able to transform Darla into a healthy, happy dog.

Darla has been given a second chance to love and live life to the fullest, thanks to the incredible people at Adoptadane Rescue. It’s a beautiful story demonstrating the importance of never giving up on a loved one, and the radical change that can occur when people are willing to endure the long road with you!

Enjoy the video and marvel at complete change that takes place in Darla’s life!

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