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Rescuers Attempt To Save Lady Blue And Her Pups, But All This Mama Can Think About Is Protecting Her Babies

January 30, 2018

It’s a sad fact that there are many stray and abandoned dogs in the world. It seems as though every day we hear a new story of tragedy and hopelessness. We are encouraged, though, when we hear about the real-life heroes who step in to give these animals a break, and by so doing change the course of these lives. Here is one such story.

Lady Blue has lived in a field for over a year; she has just given birth to ten puppies and obviously does not have the ability to care for all of them properly. This is reportedly her second litter, so when rescuers from “Cause-N-Dog Rescue” hear about the stray family, they head out to see for themselves.

They quickly locate Lady Blue, who is understandably alarmed that someone is so close to her pups. Her anxiety is palpable, yet she keeps a safe distance as the rescuers work to first retrieve the ten babies. Momma does not go along without protest, however, and she continues to bark from afar.

Once the puppies are safely enclosed in a carrier, rescuers turn their attention to Momma, whose capture is likely to be a bit more challenging. Their first idea is to place the puppy-containing carrier inside the van, leaving the sliding door open as a clear invitation to the distressed momma to join her litter inside.

In five attempts to close the door on Lady Blue, the momma proves to be quicker than the remote feature of the van. On high alert, Lady Blue is none too comfortable with the idea of being trapped inside. Time to change tactics.

Next, rescuers rig up a crate trap and place the pups in their carrier on top of it. Clearly, the mom is aware that her babies are near, and she stays close by. Hesitant to enter the crate, she sniffs all around to see if there is any other way to get to her babies. Finally, she relents and decides to go inside. Slowly, the rescuer tugs at a rope that is attached to the gate that closes off the crate. Even though the woman moves stealthily, Lady Blue is not falling for it. Out she goes again, and the frustration of the rescuers mounts.

All in all, it takes two and a half hours to apprehend the momma! Perhaps she finally realizes that her only hope of getting to her little darlings is to go against her instincts and give in to the humans. I think she also probably needs to nurse her babies and the discomfort associated with that may have been her motivation.

No matter the reason, mother and child(ren) are now reunited and on their way to their new home at the shelter.

A comfy, cozy little room awaits the canine family, and it doesn’t take long for them to settle in and make themselves at home. Mealtime is taken care of, and the exhausted dogs take a well-deserved nap. No doubt, the future for this adorable family of 11 is looking up!

We are so grateful that people spend their valuable time looking out for creatures that, to most of the human race, are simply invisible. Their compassion and dedication are truly awe-inspiring.

If you’d like to witness Lady Blue’s rescue in its entirety, just watch the video, below. Enjoy!!

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