Rescuers Found a Pit Bull Tied to a Pole On New Years Eve, When They Saw His Life Threatening Injuries They Immediately Leapt Into Action

August 03, 2017


Dogs are amazing creatures, full of love, trust and joy. It’s the job of humans to protect animals from those who would harm them or misuse these compassionate creatures.

On a cold New Years Eve in Harlem, New York a beautiful blue pit bull, not even a year old yet, was found tied to a pole. When animal control arrived to take this adorable dog in and out of the freezing cold on the 44 degree day they realized the horrible truth of why this dog was abandoned. The adorable dog that would soon be known as Tater Tot, had a rectal prolapse - which meant that two and a half inches of his intestines were sticking out of his body.

Elli Frank is the co-executive Director of Mr. Bones and Co in New York City, which is an animal rescue and advocacy non-profit.When Elli saw the photos of Tater Tot, she knew she needed to jump in and help him. Even though their rescue was at capacity and couldn’t take in any other dogs, Elli was determined to save this dog who was so sweet even when in pain.

When they got Tater Tot to the vet, they discovered that he had suffered chronic trauma and lesions in his intestine just above his pelvis, orthopedic issues in his front legs and even possible dwarfism. Tater Tot underwent two major surgeries where he ran the risk of not surviving and he had to spend twelve days in the hospital. After he went home, the stent they had placed in his colon collapsed. He was forced to undergo a third risky surgery and this time, he had his colon completely removed.

Tater Tot’s surgeries were expensive, and the rescue needed to raise twenty one thousand dollars to pay for his medical care. Over the course of four months, their fundraiser on YouCaring managed to raise $21,334 to pay for his expenses. This was astounding to the rescue, because normally they are lucky if they raise half of what a dog’s medical costs are. Thanks to Tater Tot’s sweet and persevering attitude, the internet quickly became enamored with this brave pup.

Chris Ficarra of Brooklyn heard about little Tater Tot’s plight and made the decision to adopt this amazing dog, knowing that he would need a special diet, surgeries, and expensive specialist veterinary care. There was also the worry of how this body would be able to handle the stairs because of his dwarfism. However, he never let it hold him back.

Tater Tot now has his own personal dog walker, two dog beds, and all the toys and love he could ever want. He loves to ride in the car with his head out the window and to snuggle. Here’s hoping this gentle boy can go on as many car rides as he wants for the rest of his life.

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