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Rescuers Had To Get Themselves Into A Tight Spot To Save Keanu From A Life On The Streets

February 19, 2018

Dogs living alone on the streets are often faced with many terrifying prospects and are at major risk of dying. They have to contend with everything from cars and finding food, to people who wish them nothing but harm. Luckily for those dogs, animal rescuers exist today and do their best to help whenever they can.

Keanu is a little gray and white dog who loves nothing more than a lovely scratch and a rousing game of wrestling. Unfortunately, he found himself in one of the worst situations that any dog can ever have to endure. Although no one knows how Keanu ended up alone, terrified and starving, we’re sure that it’s not a happy story.

When Hope for Paws volunteers received word about a little stray who was having a hard time surviving, they knew they couldn’t leave him out there one more day. It was a dark night outside when they set out to save him, and they knew it was going to be one of the most difficult rescues they’d ever gone on.

When they arrived at Keanu’s location, he was cowering beneath an old car. The car was parked in a tight corner, covered in dust and spiderwebs, home to what seemed like dozens of spiders. Keanu had managed to get himself tucked away in the corner, out of the reach of rescuers.

When they tried to approach Keanu, he began to growl and snap, unsure of if it would all end up well for him. Eventually, the lead rescuer, Eldad, was left with no option but to climb on top of the car. As he did so, he hoped that the car’s owner would not get angry with him. As he reached the corner, he was able to slip a lead around Keanu, ensuring his safety.

After getting Keanu free from the corner, he became a sweet and loving dog. They took him to get checked at the veterinarian and gave him a bath that he was in desperate need of. From there, he was able to go into a foster home where he is a beloved pup. He’s still searching for his forever home, but he’s certainly going to be living the good life until he does.