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Rescuers Stepped In To Save Esme After Her Puppies Were Stolen And She Was Left To Die

February 19, 2018

When Hope For Paws received a call about a stray dog running loose in the park who looked like she had been nursing puppies, they knew time was of the essence! When they arrived at the park, they spotted Esme right away. Her stomach was hanging low like she was nursing a litter of puppies if not currently than recently.

Esme was starving, so when they reached out and offered her food, she was quick to accept the offering. It wasn’t long before they were able to slip a lead over her head, ensuring her safety. Then came the hard part, finding Esme’s puppies.

At first, they hoped that the loving dog would lead them to her puppies with no problems. When they began to walk her on the leash, she took to it like an old pro, so they had high hopes. After a while, with no noticeable direction given, they decided to try and play the sounds of crying puppies from a video online.

After two hours of searching and a lack of reaction to the sounds of crying puppies, they came to one horrifying conclusion. Esme’s puppies were long gone, either having been taken by a monster (human or otherwise) or she had been abandoned after giving birth to them.

They were forced to give up the search for the puppies, and take her back with them to safety. She showed no signs of missing her puppies, further reinforcing the idea that they were gone, and she had known it for quite some time. The rescuers couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to the puppies, and they prayed it was nothing too bad, perhaps they’d been found by good Samaritans who thought the puppies had been abandoned by their mom.

After receiving a nice bath and a vet check, Esme was able to go onto a foster home through Art N’ Paws Rescue. In less than two months, she had found her perfect forever home, where she will never again have to worry about anything in her life.