Rescuers Thought They Saved One Dog From Meat Farm. When The Got To The Shelter They Realized They Saved A Whole Family

June 24, 2017

Every dog deserves a forever home and every dog deserves their best chance at life. This is why animal rescue is so important. Animal rescuers dedicate their lives to making sure that all animals, big and small, get their best shot at their best life. Seemingly ordinary people play a vital role in a dog's happiness every single day.

Toffee and many dogs like her owe their lives to animal rescuers. By adopting a dog or any other kind of pet, people ensure that every animal gets their fairytale ending. Toffee, the dog in this story, was not only rescued but was also given her forever home. But, she wasn't the only one who got her happy ending.

Animal rescuers all over the world fight against animal cruelty on a daily basis. One day, in South Korea, rescuers shut down a dog meat farm just in time to save the lives of 9 dogs. All of the dogs were so grateful that they had received a second chance at life. One dog, in particular, named Toffee, was especially grateful to the rescuers

The rescuers transported all the dogs to a safe facility, where they were cared for and checked for any injuries. Once all the dogs were cleared for travel, they were put on a plane and taken to the states. Once in the states, all the dogs were taken to a humane society so they could be put into the system to start the adoption process.

Because of the ordeal that she had gone through, Toffee had trouble trusting most humans. Even her rescuers, who showed her nothing but love and affection, had to gain her trust day by day. As time went on, Toffee started to trust those around her, and when the rescuers noticed that she had taken a good turn, they decided it was time for Toffee to be adopted.

Toffee was excited about the prospect of a new home even if was still a little weary of strangers. Society workers also noticed that Toffee was getting more fatigued as time went on. As days went by, Toffee started keeping to herself again. Workers were concerned that Toffee was just too afraid of people to be adopted.

When they went to check on Toffee one morning, however, they realized that they had missed something incredible when they brought her in, and they were ecstatic about their discovery. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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