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Revolutionary Coffee Pod Hack Will Cost You Less Than $5 But Will Be Your Storage Savior

January 31, 2018

These days, life can be unbelievably busy. We seem to have more to do than ever before and even less time to do it. When asked how we’re doing, we’ve gone from saying, “Good!” to “Busier than ever!” What happened to the simple life? Is it a thing of the past?

Some things that have helped cut a few corners in our day-to-day doings are life hacks. If you do enough digging on the internet, you’ll discover more hacks than you’ll know what to do with! We’ve recently discovered one hack in particular that will change the organization game in your kitchen.

If you’re a coffee lover like practically everyone else in the world, you find that you can’t function without a steaming cup of Joe to start your day. There are many different ways to enjoy your morning brew but one way that has become increasingly popular is the use of coffee pods.

They require almost no effort and produce a beverage that would rival your local coffee shop. While it seems to be one of the greatest inventions and biggest time savers in the morning, it can cause another issue - storage. These little pods seem to multiply and, before you know it, overtake your countertop and drawers.

Some have found that little racks displayed on their countertop do the trick while others store their pods in organized rows in a drawer. If you haven’t the extra room to spare, this hack will change it all for you! The next time you’re at a hardware store, pick up a few PVC strips. Because of their shape, their grooves make the perfect holder for coffee pods.

Attach the PVC strips wherever is most convenient for you. Many store theirs on the base of their cabinets. Simply insert your coffee pods in rows and voila! You now have a space saving, perfectly organized corner that will now save you even more time and effort than ever before!

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