Risking Her Life, A Lady Jumps In The River For A Moving Burlap Bag! The Animals She Discovers Inside Will Break Your Heart!

August 02, 2017

If you witnessed someone throwing a moving burlap bag in the water would you jump in even if it meant risking your own life?  That’s exactly what this heroic woman did.  Almost drowning, she successfully pulled the bag out of the water to find 6 tiny chihuahua puppies who almost didn’t see the light of day ever again.


Thankfully, through her kindness, servants heart and heroic gesture shown by this incredible act, the lady resulted in giving all precious fur babies a chance to live happily ever after!

Animals are mistreated daily but in this video we can learn from this courageous lady and her servant's heart.  We all can start making a difference in the lives of these beautiful creatures today by hugging your fur babies, adopting a dog, volunteering at your local dog shelter and just by being aware of your surroundings.  You never know when it might be your chance to be heroic!

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